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A backhoe digging behind a house

Prevent Costly Accidents.
Leverage ProMark Locating’s Expertise

Serving Greater St. Louis

ProMark provides services in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area and surrounding St. Charles, Warren, Lincoln and Jefferson Counties. We also provide services in the outlying areas and counties located in the States of Missouri and Eastern Illinois.
Using state-of-the-art technology like ground-penetrating radar, concrete x-ray, and more industry-standard equipment, ProMark Locating professionals leverage decades of experience to ensure you know exactly what’s beneath your feet before the shovel ever strikes earth. For commercial and residential projects, from utility location to unmarked graves to post tension cables to concrete scanning and concrete x-ray, look no further for your trusted location experts.

[ What We Do ]

Cropped image of a GPR unit on concrete

[ Concrete Scanning ]

Cutting into concrete slabs without knowing what obstacles may lie beneath is a dangerous practice. Post tension cables, unmarked utility lines, and more can, when struck or cut, cause accidents that result in serious injury or even death. Using Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR), we can see inside the concrete before you cut, allowing you to know all obstacles before you proceed with your project.

A photo of a shovel next to colored flags planted in the grass for different types of utility lines

[ Utility Location / Dig Alert ]

It is always necessary to call 811 before you dig. But that doesn’t necessarily mark all utility lines. Some private utility lines might be missed. Ensure you know all of the obstacles beneath you, including fiber optic cable, gas lines, water lines, sewer lines, and more! Call us today and let us take on the stress of mapping your property, whether commercial or residential.

Photo of connections for post tension cables set in concrete

[ Post Tension Cable Location ]

Do you want to know exactly where post tension cables are before you begin your work? Let us take on the work on identifying and mapping these cables for you. Failure to do so accurately can result in costly accidents and delays, so don’t wait to enlist the expertise of ProMark professionals!

Close up photo of a GPR unit on concrete

[ Ground Penetrating Radar ]

In the hands of professionals, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a powerful tool that can allow the user to see more than just utility lines and rebar. GPR has a variety of uses, including the location of private utility lines, unmarked graves, and even items of interest to archaeologists. Let us help you with your commercial or residential project today!