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Featured Projects

Principia School Campus –  75 acre parcel

Pro Mark has recently completed private Utility Locating of all Principia school Campus utilities consisting of 75 acre school parcel.  Electric, gas mains,  parking lot lighting, Fire and domestic water lines, Communication Fiber optic lines and sewers.  The utilities were field located painted and flagged according to APWA standards.

Maritz Campus  – Hwy 44  – 65 acre North and South Parcel

Pro Mark has completed locating private Utilities of the entire North and South Maritz Campus for their expansion program. Electric, gas mains, parking lot lighting, Fire and Domestic water communication lines all field located per APWA standards.

Quick Trip Sites – St. Louis and St. Charles County

Pro Mark completes locating private Utilities  on numerous Quick Trip sites located in St. Louis and St. Charles County.

U.S  Department of Energy

Pro Mark completes Ground Penetrating Radar service for the Dept. of Energy at Weldon Springs WWII munition site.  Sub surfacing scanning to locate and identify transite piping from the original plant in the 1940’s.

Carter Carborator Site  – Environmental

Pro Mark completes utility locating at abandoned Carter Carborator site in the City of S. Louis as a part of the Environmental clean up process of the Building and site.

Recently Completed Projects

  • BJC Health Center
  • Faultless Linen
  • Fox Theatre
  • Hurculaneum High School
  • Gobian Containers
  • Pevely Elementary School
  • Missouri Baptist College
  • FedEx
  • Verizon Wireless Cell Tower
  • Bridgeton Landfill
  • Laclede Gas
  • Walmart
  • PetCo
  • Mobile-On-The-Run
  • Quick Trip
  • Car Max
  • City of Chesterfield
  • Hazelwood School District
  • Proctor and Gamble
  • Rend Lake Mine
  • Dept. of Energy Weldon Springs